"John Denver Sings"

Hear John Denver sing all the songs from
his 250 copy self-produced 1966 album,
plus a few extra special bonus tunes
Side 2 label of the 1966  record album
Dedicated to Milt Okun, John had 250 copies of this album produced in 1966. He gave it to friends and family as a personal Christmas gift. After hearing one of the tunes, 'Babe. I Hate to Go,' Peter, Paul and Mary later recorded the song for their only #1 single. By then, the title had been changed to 'Leaving on a Jet Plane,'
The rest, as they say, is history!
A young and serious JD had his whole future ahead of him
JD was 21 years old when he recorded 'John Denver Sings.' He had joined The Mitchell Trio a year earlier, after being chosen to join the group from 250 potential candidates. Technically, this was his first solo album.

These mp3's of the songs from the album have been collected from many locations across the internet.  John's voice tends to have a heavy vibrato on many of the cuts. His vocal abilities are certainly different from what they became by the time 'The Wildlife Concert' was recorded in 1995, about 30 years later. It's also interesting to note the heavy Beatles influence in his song selection. The Everly Brothers are here, too.
Also,offered as a bonus cut, 'Anything Love Can Buy' was a moderate hit for The New Christy Minstrels' in the early 60's. Randy Sparks, the leader of the group, befriended John during JD's early beginnings in southern California. Randy, of course, gave us 'Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio, a JD concert mainstay.

Front cover of album
Back cover of album.
Cover Sleeve of "John Denver Sings" Album
Side One Cuts
Inside Liner Notes
Inside liner notes show recording team and cut listing.
John's personal note says, "Hank, This is the most that I can give and I want you to have it. Your friend, John"
Side Two Cuts
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Extra Bonus Cuts
With so many of John's earlier albums being reissued on CD's during the past few years, with "bonus" tracks, it seems only appropriate to add a few bonus cuts to this page, honoring his first solo album, "John Denver Sings."

You'll discover, after listening to them, that these tunes share the same vocal qualities of those included in his early self produced album. Here's hoping that you enjoy them.

"Anything Love Can Buy" is an especially beautiful piece of music. As noted earlier, the New Christy Minstrels released a popular version of it during the early 60's. The version of "Four Strong Winds" available here is not the same rendition that was rleased in 1998 on the "Forever John" album. Many of John's fans really enjoy this song. And "This Road"  rather nicely projects John's visions of the future from the perspective of his early career. Listen to them and enjoy!

What's your favorite 'John Denver Sings' Tune? 
Here, There and Everywhere
Babe, I hate to Go
When I Was a Cowboy
Blues My Naughty
What's That I Hear Now?
And I Love Her
When Will I Be Loved?
Darcy Farrow
Minor Swing
In My Life
Farewell Party

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John Denver during Wildlife Concert
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